Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Colorado Wildflowers - Yellow

A few years ago, I began to take pictures of wildflowers on my trail runs in Jefferson County and on my occasional hike in the mountains. The anticipation of sharing photos on social media makes me notice the flowers more than I ever did before. I have learned to stop and smell the roses! I am also learning to identify wildflowers by looking them up on Colorado wildflower websites. Some of the flowers are tricky to identify.  Corrections are welcome.

Fiddleleaf Twinpod - Mount Falcon

Foothills Arnica - Deer Creek Canyon Park
Heartleaf Arnica - Apex Park
Showy Goldeneye - Chimney Gulch

Narrowleaf Puccoon - Chimney Gulch
Creeping Hollygrape - Mount Falcon
Many Flowered Puccoon
Broom Groundsel - Apex Park, Golden
Gumweed - Mount Falcon
Golden Groundsel - Deer Creek
Blanket Flower - White Rank Park, Jefferson County
Hairy Goldenaster - Chimney Gulch, Golden
Whiskbroom Parsley - Chimney Gulch, Golden
Mountain Parsley - Beaver Brook

Rubber Rabbitbrush - N Table Mountain, Golden
Broom Snakewood - N Table Mountain, Golden

Wild Alyssum
Nodding Senecio (Bashful Ragwort)
Golden Smoke
Jim Hill Mustard

Blazingstar (Ten-Petal Mentzelia)
Prickly Pear Cactus - Mount Falcon

Stonecrop - Apex Park

Prairie Sunflower - White Ranch Park, Golden
Nuttall's Violet - Deer Creek CanyonPark
Prairie Coneflower - White Ranch Park
Sulphur Flower
Western Wallflower, Chimney Gulch

Salsify, Colorado Trail near Pine
Meadow Salsify - Elk Meadows

Goldenrod - Apex Park
Cutleaf Coneflower - Elk Meadows
Yellow Owl Clover - Rocky Mountain National Park
Alpine Golden Buckwheat - Mount Falcon

Black-eyed Susan - White Ranch

Common Evening Primrose - Lair o' the Bear

St John's Wort
Leafy Cinquefoil - Elk Meadows
American Wintercress - Apex Park

Golden Banner - Apex Park
Prickly Lettuce - Dakota Ridge

Buffalobur - N Table Mountain
Yellow Monkeyflower - St Mary's Glacier
Ragleaf Bahia - Rocky Mountain National Park

Noxious Weeds:

Butter 'n Eggs - Rocky Mountain National Park

Common Mullein

Dalmation Toadflax
Spurge - Lair O' the Bear

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