Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Colorado Wildflowers - Blue and Purple

I take my camera when I run the trails in Jefferson County, Colorado. I am always excited when I see a flower that is new to me.
  • 2016 - Chicory, a noxious weed at Apex Park
  • In 2015, my new finds were Sawsepal Penstemon, Tiny Trumpet and a member of the pea family that I think is some kind of Milkvetch.

  • My new finds for 2014 included the Hookedspur Violet, Western Spiderwort and Western Blue Virginsbower.

  • In 2013, I was very excited to see Pasqueflowers and Sugar Bowls. According to the websites I used to look up the family name, both flowers are members of the Buttercup family.

Bellflower - Lair o' the Bear

Burdock - Lair o' the Bear

Colorado Columbine - Lair O' the Bear

Shooting Star - Beaver Brook

Violet, Hookedspur - Deer Creek Canyon Park

Britton's Skullcap - Deer Creek Canyon Park

Penstemon, Bluemist - Deer Creek Canyon Park

Tansy Asters

Gayfeather - Mount Falcon

Penstemon - South Valley Ranch

Sawsepal Penstemon - Elk Meadows

One-Sided Penstemon - Elk Meadows

Tiny Trumpet, Deer Creek Canyon

Tufted Milkvetch - Green Mountain

Western Blue Spiderwort
Thistle (Noxious Weed) - Little Scraggy Trail


Harebells - Mount Falcon
Foothills Mertensia - Deer Creek Canyon Park
Stickseed weed - Apex Park, Golden
Larkspur - Apex Park
Pasque Flower, Chimney Gulch
Sugar Bowls, Lair o' the Bear
One-sided Penstemon - Mount Morrison

Penstemon, Broadbeard - Deer Creek

Purple Mustard - Cherry Creek State Park
Blue Flax - Lair O' the Bear
Wild Irises - Three Sisters/Alderfer Park

Beebalm - Apex Park, Golden
Prairie Clover Flower, White Ranch
Silvery Lupine - Apex Park
Western Blue Virginsbower
Blue Toadflax - White Ranch
Chicory Flower - Mount Falcon

Field Milkvetch
Wavy-leafed Thistle
Missouri Milkvetch - Mount Falcon
Milkvetch - Green Mountain
Diffuse Knapweed

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